Tesoro Lobera Supreme G5NFL

Tesoro Lobera Supreme G5NFL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Mechanical keyboards are renowned for giving gamers the best possible feel, longevity and response. Together with the clicky tactile key press, mechanical gaming keyboards often offer a host of tantalizing extras too.

The Tesoro Lobera Supreme Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a gamer’s dream peripheral. With a choice of either Blue, Brown, Black or Red Cherry MX switches. each with a silver plated, 45g actuation force and 2mm of travel, there’s a high degree of responsiveness and technical quality involved before you even start to focus on the aesthetics.

Each key is laser etched, with multimedia capabilities via the Tesoro logo FN key which also doubles up to include the hardware controls for the keyboard illumination and macro assignments. There’s a 1.5 meter braided USB cable, which is double ended to allow the built-in, two-port USB 2.0 hub to be active, and it also includes a pass-through for both the 3.5mm audio jack and mic, located next to the built-in USB hub for connection to a gaming headset.

Additionally you’ll also get a powered hub USB cable, which will increase the power to the built-in hub to a maximum of around 100mA. It’s enough to power some of the more exotic headsets and in some cases smaller, modern phones, but we found our older HTC Desire HD took too much power and thus refused to charge.

Tesoro G5NFL

The Lobera offers full keyboard key programming, except for the Escape, F1 to F12 and Windows keys, as well as five distinct profiles and three macro thumb keys. This brings the total of macro programmable keys to 300, across any number of games you can assign them to. And if that wasn’t enough, there a full color key backlight that can be altered to six different levels depending on your preference.

In terms of design, the Lobera is all about toughness, and its robust aesthetic includes a steel plate look across the bottom of the keyboard, together with Allen key access in the corners. The backlight emits along the sides as well, which gives it a rather sleek but deadly look, much in the same way Hollywood CGI effects artists tend to document advanced alien spacecraft. You could claim it was well and truly over the top, yet it works devilishly well and fits in neatly against the more avant-garde gaming system designs and concepts.

The keyboard itself measures 444 x 206 x 44mm and weighs a considerable 1.17kg — which in our view makes for an excellent and sturdy base. The large rubberized feet stop it from moving around the desk when under gaming pressure, and its hard-as-nails construction means it’ll take whatever you can throw at it.

Of course, on-paper specifications are one thing; actually using the product is something else. The Lobera Supreme (which, incidentally, means Wolfslayer, the legendary sword of power used by Saint Ferdinand III) is an extremely capable keyboard. It surprisingly comfortable despite the military combat design and offers gamers incredible control over their play.

For a tad less than a $140, there’s a lot on offer with the Lobera Supreme, which makes this a must have keyboard for the avid or professional gamer.


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