PHANTEKS T30 – 120 PWM Fan Review

The Phanteks T30 offers great build quality and built-in speed control, with its Advanced mode allowing it to peak at a monstrous 3,000rpm. You get a few accessories too, such as a 50cm PWM extension cable, radiator screws with 6-32 threads, plus an extended set of these screws to enable you to use Phanteks’ Halos RGB fan frames on top with a radiator. However, it lacks RGB lighting out of the box.

PHANTEKS-T30-Package Contents

Not surprisingly, noise at its peak speed was high, although the Corsair LL120 RGB was slightly louder. Thankfully, that noise buys you a gargantuan airflow of 3.79m/sec, which was over 1m/sec higher than the be quiet! Silent Wings 4 High Speed. Despite this, efficiency was also fairly good.

At 1,000rpm, it also racked up the second best airflow, along with the fourth lowest noise level, giving it the third best airflow-to-noise ratio on test. Its noise-normalised test was similar, with the fourth best airflow on test, despite only needing 1,100rpm to get there and coming fourth in the efficiency chart.

The Phanteks T30 has huge airflow on tap when you need it, and also delivers at lower speeds with excellent airflow and low noise levels. If money were no object, we’d strap it to all our cases and radiators, but around $30 is a lot of money for a single fan and the be quiet! Silent Wings 4 and Deepcool FC120 also offer good performance for much less money.

PHANTEKS T30 Benchmarks



Mega performance and efficiency, but it’s really pricey.

+ Pros
+ Monstrous airflow
+ Excellent efficiency
+ Low noise at low speeds

- Cons
- Loud at full speed
- Expensive
- Cheaper fans are more efficient

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