Edifier R2000DB Bookshelf Speakers Review

Edifier makes a whole range of premium stereo PC speakers, with the R2000DB sitting roughly in the middle when it comes to price. These speakers offer great design and build quality, along with beefy but detailed sound and Bluetooth support. You’d hope for a big sound as well, considering the prize and size of these speakers. Measuring 174 x 289 x 252mm, and with sides resplendent in piano black, they’re every bit the full-fledged desktop hi-fi speaker.


They look fantastic, with their slight backwards-sloping angle making them look more interesting than straight-edged alternatives. Plus, of course, the slope helps to direct the sound towards your ears rather than your elbows. Build quality is also excellent. The paint job is spotless and there’s a real heft to the wooden construction. The front cloth can also be removed to reveal the drivers, although on this occasion they look better with the covers on, as the drivers look fairly dull.

Each speaker houses a 25mm tweeter and a 5in bass driver, with a bass port firing out the back, for a total power output of 24W RMS from each speaker. Despite their simple hi-fi looks, these speakers are also packed with features. Around the back of the right speaker you’ll find two pairs of phono sockets for line inputs, plus an optical digital input and a trio of volume, bass and treble control knobs.

Having the knobs around the back isn’t all that convenient, but then you also get an IR remote for controlling most of the speaker’s functions on a everyday basis. The remote is just a popper-button affair, like the one with the Aego³, and it functions just as well. You can control the volume, as well as turn the power on or off and mute the audio. What’s more, you can also use the remote to switch between dynamic and classic audio profiles, select between the three inputs and enable Bluetooth.

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The left speaker is less busy, but it still contains its own amp, so the connection to it is a DIN-type socket that carries power as well as the audio signal. Along with the mains power input being tethered to the right speaker, this setup means you end up with a system that will be harder to maintain if you happen to break any cables.

Meanwhile, connecting to the R2000DB via Bluetooth is a simple affair – as simple as with the Aego³ in fact. Using the Bluetooth or optical connections sometimes result in the best sound quality too, as the speakers use their own high-quality DACs to convert the audio signal.

Whichever input you choose, the speakers sound fantastic. The sound is powerful but detailed, and the speakers deliver the goods right up through the frequencies, with no dead spots. This sound reproduction makes them wonderful for music, being able to provide a satisfying listening experience whatever genre you prefer.

Of course, the bass inevitably can’t match the likes of the Aego³ with its dedicated subwoofer, but you still get a rich, deep bass sound that’s adequate for all but the most ardent of wall-shaking enthusiasts, or people who want high-impact7 explosions in games.

Similarly, the very top end can’t quite compete with even more expensive speakers – the Bowers and Wilkins MM-1 costs $400 for a reason – but the Edifiers offer an obviously greater degree of openness and articulation compared with the Creative T20 speakers, for instance. For the money, this really is a great-sounding set of speakers.



The Edifier R2000DB is a premium set of powered speakers that delivers the goods in every regard. They look attractive, they sound great and they have a really useful set of features. Their size may be too big for some people, and they don’t have the thumping bass of the Aego³, but they come highly recommended for music and all-round sound quality.

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