CORSAIR LL120 RGB Fan Review

Corsair’s LL120 RGB is available in single and triple-pack form, but if you want to use the lighting, you’ll need to hook it up to a Lighting Node Pro and control the lighting using its iCUE software. Those components come with the triple pack, but not the single fan, so make sure you factor this into your budget. Once the lighting is running, it looks fantastic, with rich, vibrant colors spanning the hub and semi-translucent blades. Sadly, you’ll need to hook up each fan individually, as there’s no daisy-chain option.

At full speed, the LL120RGB managed a decent airflow of 2.11m/sec, but it also produced a huge amount of noise to get there. It exhibited a high-pitch whine, while the be quiet! Silent Wings 4 High Speed managed 2.6m/sec and was significantly quieter.

It wasn’t much better at 1,000rpm, with the Corsair’s 52dBA noise level again being far louder than the be quiet! fan, and again the latter offered far greater efficiency. In our sound-normalized test, it was clear that the LL120 RGB lacks efficiency, with the be quiet! able to offer more than twice the airflow for the same noise level, adding 400rpm compared with the Corsair fan at the same noise.

The Corsair LL120 RGB is one of the more powerful fans on test, and its lighting looks fantastic. However, it’s far too loud and inefficient compared with the new kits on the block.

CORSAIR LL120 Benchmarks



A powerful fan with decent lighting, but it’s loud and inefficient.

+ Pros
+ Fantastic RGB lighting
+ Decent airflow at full speed
+ Compatible with iCUE

- Cons
- Poor efficiency
- Loud at full speed
- Extras required for lighting

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