BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Tower Case Review

BitFenix produces a wealth of cases for all form factors that incorporate both style and functionality. Its Prodigy range, both the Prodigy M (for ATX forms) and Prodigy (mini ITX form) are particularly eye-catching and very reminiscent of an Apple case design.

The Prodigy is therefore a splendid looking mini-ITX case available in a range of colors, from black and white, through orange, red, blue and green, all of which are quite vivid.

The case itself a little bigger than the standard ITX cube variant, which is because BitFenix added two sets of flexible but very sturdy feet and handles. Both sets are made from a composite technology BitFenix refers to as FyberFlex, and they absorb shock, reduce vibration and allow you carry the case around. They’re very flexible and allow you to push and pull the case around with some degree of force without fear of breaking anything. However, they do make the case wobble slightly, and if you place it on a desk, you’ll soon begin to notice this when you’re wildly hammering away on the keyboard.

The designs do differ slightly from the black version, in that the black Prodigy is actually a mesh-fronted case, which increases the airflow significantly, since it’s quite a large area to expel or intake air. The colored versions of the Prodigy, however, are plastic covers that restrict the airflow when compared to the black version. Naturally, the colored plastic cases look better, but if your main concern is ventilation, then the black version may be preferable.

The Prodigy’s dimensions are 250 x 404 x 359mm, with it weighing a not too considerable 7kg. There’s room inside for a single 5.25” optical drive (which is removable). five 3.5” drives and nine 2.5 drives, although not all at the same time. The case comes with two large 120mm fans, one at the front with room for another and one at the rear of the case, which can be swapped out for an even larger 140mm fan, should you wish. There’s also enough room for a couple of 120mm fans in the top of the case as well.

The internal structure is very well organized and designed, with plenty of room to accommodate the various components beyond the motherboard. This means there’s also enough internal space for better cable management and airflow, and to add to the internal design, BitFenix provides a removable PSU cage for easy swapping out — provided you’re using a modular PSU design, of course.

Added benefits of the BitFenix Prodigy include the ability to fit full-sized expansion cards, just enough space for advanced cooling, plenty of motherboard clearance for high-end CPU cooling and a front pair of USB 3.0 and HD audio ports.

We really liked the BitFenix Prodigy, The exterior design of the case looks fantastic, the interior design is extremely well constructed, and the overall feeling is one of quality and engineered perfection. Okay, so it’s a little bigger than most of the ITX cases available, and the FyberFlex feet make it wobble a bit if you touch the case, but these are only nit-picking niggles that are easily overlooked when compared to the overall product. In short, then, a great ITX case.

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